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A big fan of Nosana’s platform and passionate about our vision for the future of development? We are launching our Bounty Program to encourage, reward, and recognize meaningful contributions by our community members. We, the people of the internet, can power a better, more responsible economy, but we must do it together. Join us on this mission and help us build a better future starting today. Become an Nosana Bounty Hunter right now and start earning rewards!

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Get rewarded in $NOS

Do you have a favorite open-source project that should be using the Nosana Network? Are you interested in creating content of code for Nosana? Our #NOS Bounty system is built on rewarding specific contributions and certain behavior. When you share multiple valuable contributions with us, you get the chance to move higher up our Bounty tier system and receive even bigger rewards for your valuable work.

Earn bounties by creating compelling content. As we grow, we need tailored content that resonates in specific markets, as well as translation.

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Earn bounties. You’ll be able to receive tokens or exclusive items for completing specific tasks.

Build real-world Blockchain experience and gain new marketable skills to help push your career to new heights.

Get a distinctive Server Bounty Badge for your contributions to our Discourse community.

Who's Eligible to Become
an $NOS Bounty Hunter

You’re a crypto enthusiast, a community leader, an influencer, or an CICD expert and have the capability to promote Nosana within your group.

You are a marketing and content creator. You love building content and have out-of-the-box ideas.

You are a developer interested in blockchain and CICD, and you want to gain hands-on knowledge of crypto projects and the development within the blockchain space.