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Make the most out of your development.

As a service provider, partnering with the first decentralized CICD network will allow your business to grow. Make it easier for your team to provide high-quality software on a regular basis using custom pipelines. For Network Partners, open-source and public repositories are a requirement.

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Transition from the cloud to the crowd

Our decentralized network aids at every stage of growth. Software delivery pipelines can be run on-demand thanks to the availability of compute capacity that developers and contributors can pool and share.

Software development
is difficult.

Hiring is challenging

It's difficult to find qualified candidates to fill open positions. Locating the proper kind of experience isn't simple.

Using the best DevOps engineers in the business, we build custom pipelines to suit your needs. Due to the low amount of rework and time spent due to our high standards, development teams are able to reach more critical milestones and save money.

No in-house DevOps

Prioritizing strategic outcomes is important to you.

DevOps services can be difficult, expensive, and inefficient to deliver throughout an organization if consolidation and platform efficiencies are not taken into account. When you work with us, you don't have to worry about adding permanent workers to a project team.

Blocked Developers

Developing, testing, and deploying software may be a time-consuming and unstable process.

Our goal is to free your developers. Blocked development is expensive, delays projects, and adds to technological debt. Everyday support and the curation and building of solid development pipelines are all that is needed to get the most out of your software development.

Advantages for Network Partners

Access to our Incentivized Testnet is free (earn up to 10.000 $NOS with your development)

DevOps as a Service. Improve the level of automation, software quality, developer experience, and delivery frequency without disruption. We assist you in making the most of your development.

Higher max limit of nodes during the test period. This means higher rewards!

With multiple go-to-market strategies, you can maintain constant exposure within the Nosana community. Your brand can even be featured as a part of our upcoming NFT!

No longer rely on Big Tech for your computational needs!