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for Web3.

Nosana is a decentralized engine running continuous integration. Providing extra resilience, security and privacy to your build with the power of blockchain technology.


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Robust and resilient

We refuse to build in environments with a single point of failure, vulnerabilities and weak spots. Our network is designed to ensure that in the event of a node going offline or is malicious, the workload is seamlessly passed to other nodes, keeping everything running safely. A network that’s better protected against outages and cyberattacks.


Transparent and secure

We prioritize both transparency and security. A decentralized network allows for increased trust and visibility, as all users have access to the same information and can verify its accuracy. Combined with our advanced security measures, including our state-of-the-art secret manager, you can rest assured that your information is protected at all times.


In control of your own compute

Plug in your own devices to compute your pipelines and/or let your designated community contribute compute. The ability to self-host means that you retain full ownership and control of your data. Saying no to third-party access eliminates the dangers of data mining, routine surveillance, and the risk of vendor-side malicious insiders.


Environment-friendly alternative

With the world's data centers consuming more power than the entire UK and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions,it's time for a change. Our CI engine utilizes the spare compute of the masses, providing an eco-friendly alternative to using big datacenters.


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