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The Nosana Network will be the leading provider of decentralized CPU-based Dev(Ops) solutions, revolutionizing the development process of Metaverse projects.

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The Nosana Token: $NOS

NOS is the native token of the Nosana Network. In exchange for NOS tokens, you can use our network to run CICD for all your development projects.

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Supercharged DevOps

Brought to you by a global pool of computing power

Decentralized Marketplace

The Nosana Network is a peer-to-peer marketplace for CPU computations. CI/CD pipelines are run daily by large tech companies in the millions. In contrast to centralized cloud solutions, Nosana is more affordable, more accessible, and a more sustainable alternative. How? By putting idle/surplus CPU into action!

Better for the Planet

Our planet is struggling to meet the computational demands of our tech-driven society. The inefficient use of computational resources makes things worse. Our decentralized cloud solution is powered by currently available but underutilized computing resources, making it a more eco-friendly alternative.

Digital Inclusion

With the adoption of digital technologies across most sectors of society, and the increasing demand of computational services, the Nosana Network provides a path for anyone, no matter their status in the world, to provide CPU capacity. Nosana believes that technological innovations should be accessible to all because of the implications they have for sustained economic development.

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