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The decentralized cloud crowd computing network.

The Nosana Network will be the leading provider of decentralized CPU-based Dev(Ops) solutions, revolutionizing the development process of Metaverse projects.

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Receive tokens for running free pipelines

Incentivized Testnet is now live for projects!

Open-source software projects are incentivized based on their Nosana network usage. In other words, you will receive tokens for running free pipelines. Selected projects will automatically receive 500 $NOS tokens for onboarding our Testnet and can earn up to 10.000 $NOS tokens by running ESLint pipelines with our Network.

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Project Galactica


Decentralized Marketplace

Tech companies are running millions of CI/CD pipelines daily to operate. Nosana provides a cheaper, accessible, and sustainable alternative for centralized cloud solutions by utilizing spare capacity.


Anyone that has the Nosana app can run CI/CD pipelines from our marketplace. It’s that simple. Run the app, stake NOS tokens, and start earning!


Nosana is the decentralized replacement for the CI/CD industry. Network updates and funding initiatives will be governed by a proposal system based on the NOS token.

Give power back to the end users

Our vision is to democratize CPU cloud computing. Nosana connects blockchain developers and services to a global pool of computing power. As a result, everyone will be able to rent out their spare CPU to power the next Metaverse. Our first project (Galactica) is focused on providing compute power that is required to run projects' CI/CD infrastructure, so they no longer have to rely on Big Tech for their computational needs.


1. Done
Complete demo for Solana Foundation & finalize release strategy for the incentivized Testnet and Mainnet
2. Done
Further development, Private fundraise
3. Done
Complete Smart Contract security audit, conduct Solanium Public Sale, and distribute $NOS tokens
4. Done
Complete the Incentivized Testnet
Incentivized Testnet goes Live
First Phase Nosana Launch: Test Suite
Second Phase Nosana Launch: Deployment Suite
Third Phase Nosana Launch: DAO

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