Powering the AI revolution

The most cost-effective GPU grid, with zero lock-in. Developed and customized for AI inference workloads. Consumers, miners, and businesses can monetize their idle hardware by becoming a Nosana Node. Powered by Solana and the $NOS token.

Open Compute for All

Our decentralized GPU grid represents a revolutionary paradigm shift in the world of computing. By harnessing the latent power of idle GPUs globally, our compute grid provides on-demand access to GPU resources that is both cost-effective but highly efficient.

Unrivaled power, for 85% less

With costs up to 85% lower than traditional public clouds, Nosana offers a game-changing solution for organizations and individuals seeking massive compute power without breaking the bank. Our decentralized approach gives users direct access to GPU nodes that scale with their computational needs as required, all while ensuring high levels of security to protect sensitive data and intellectual property.

Put your idle compute power to work

Join the Nosana Network, put your idle GPU to work, and earn 10-15x more than what traditional crypto mining pools offer. Nosana empowers anyone with spare compute to contribute their idle processing power to our GPU grid. By doing so you will make a significant impact on the advancement of AI projects, all while earning substantial rewards. Welcome to a new era of peer-to-peer computational power sharing.

Environment-friendly alternative

With the world's data centers consuming more power than the entire UK and contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, it is time for a change. Nosana utilizes the spare compute of the masses, providing an eco-friendly alternative to using big datacenters.

Join the movement

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