Contribute CPU

The first set of nodes goes live soon. You’ll need to stake your tokens for a chance to get exclusive access to the Network.

Stake here

Earn $NOS Tokens

Put your unused computing capacity to work! Have it power all kinds of open-source projects and get $NOS tokens in return.

Not just for techies

Contributing your unused CPU is easy, even if you’re not a techie. Connect your wallet to our network and install the software package. It runs on lots of different devices, from your PC to your Raspberry Pi.

Secured against false nodes

If you stake, you become a node. You earn $NOS, by running CI/CD pipelines for other projects.

We want to protect our Network from malicious nodes, which can mess things up. That's why we need staking. If you act against our rules, we slash a certain amount of staked $NOS tokens.