Meet our Burner Phone NFT collection

You’re probably familiar with NFTs – you know, unique digital collectibles. Now, we’ve got our very own collection, consisting of 850 Burner Phone NTFs that exist on the Solana Blockchain. Think of a Burner Phone NFT as your very own Network membership card. It even comes with owner-only perks, which you can access on the Nosana Network, the Metaverse or at home.

NFT Machine coming soon

Get yours for

We don’t do minting fees – a Burner Phone costs exactly 0 SOL. Are you a Nosana Network user? Stake $NOS for a chance to get your very own.

Staking coming soon

Good to know

We’re holding on to 100 Burner Phones. They’ll be used for giveaways, rewards and the creators’ Nosana Network memberships.

Why a Burner Phone?

The cell phone is an object so entwined with our daily lives, we thought it deserved its own metaverse counterpart. Our NFT isn’t just any cell phone, though, it’s a burner phone. An off-the-grid, disposable item that represents anonymity. Perfect for those who dream of a decentralized future – like us.

Coming to a street near you

Our Burner Phone vending machines will soon hit the (digital) streets. To celebrate, we’ll be giving away 50 credits – which you can use to buy a Burner Phone. Keep an eye out for more details on our very first community giveaway.

Not just a JPEG

Burner Phone NFTs aren’t ‘just JPEGs’ – they’re powerful assets you can use within the Network. Not to mention all the perks that come with them.

Perks for Burner
Phone owners:

  • Guaranteed early access to our Incentivized Testnet during phase 2
  • Access to an exclusive Discord channel where you can vote on future rewards and new properties
  • Free virtual representation of your NFT, to be used in future metaverses
  • 3D-printed figurine of your NFT
  • Upgrade to a 3D Burner Phone model in the future
  • Access to exclusive merch throughout the year – Burner Phones with certain properties only
  • One-of-a-kind reward-boosting utility when mainnet goes live – for a limited number of Burner Phones only, details to come
  • Access to the Nosana workbench – details to come

Special Burner Phone Network features


  • Bronze: get 5% extra $NOS when you stake the NFT
  • Silver: get 10% extra $NOS when you stake the NFT
  • Gold: get 15% extra $NOS when you stake the NFT

Earning NOS

  • Bronze: earn 5% extra $NOS with each pipeline
  • Silver: earn 10% extra $NOS with each pipeline
  • Gold: earn 15% extra $NOS with each pipeline

Discount NOS

  • Bronze: 5% discount $NOS with each pipeline
  • Silver: 10% discount $NOS with each pipeline
  • Gold: 15% discount $NOS with each pipeline


Season 1

Seasonal drop 1
Release of 200 more Burner Phones. Stake $NOS tokens to get access to a Burner Phone. Minting is free!
Drop 2
Release of 200 more Burner Phones.
Drop 3
Release of 200 more Burner Phones.
Drop 4
Release of 200 more Burner Phones.