Nosana Partner Program

Join our growing community!
Be part of the Nosana Network.

A new opportunity to
grow your customer base

Reach out to the crypto community with our go-to-market initiatives.

Build your expertise in continuous integration and delivery with technical support from Nosana.

Work with Nosana to help your clients achieve new levels of DevOps maturity.

Technology Partners

Make it easy for your customers to integrate your tools with their CI/CD pipeline, and get extra exposure to other Nosana customers as we automate their DevOps processes. Be part of our growing network of partner companies.

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Network Partners

Open up new dev opportunities for your company by partnering with the first decentralized CICD as a Service provider. Improve the level of automation, quality of software, developer experience, and the frequency of delivery with our tailor-made pipelines. Network Partners need to have open-source & public repositories.

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Portfolio Partners

The Nosana Portfolio program allows VCs and accelerators to offer Nosana as an exclusive benefit to startups in their ecosystem.

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