The Nosana Incentivized Testnet program

The Testnet program is intended to rigorously test Nosana's platform, as well as give interested devs the opportunity to try out our services, risk-free.

Projects are now able to join our Incentivized Testnet.

We’re giving away $NOS tokens to all active participants of the Testnet Program. You can earn up to 10.000 $NOS tokens by testing code with our Network.

Our testnet program is live and projects are running pipelines. Are you ready to join in? Let's go!

Phase 1

Nosana Testnet For Projects

  • Open-source software projects are Incentivized based on their Nosana network usage. In other words, you will receive tokens for running free pipelines.
  • Selected projects will automatically receive 500 $NOS tokens for onboarding our Testnet. You can earn up to 10.000 $NOS tokens by testing code with our Network.
  • Our pipelines will support basic ESLint checks. More features and supported languages will be added, development will be based on community feedback. Make sure to join our Discord server.
  • We will begin the testnet with certified nodes, to make sure your tests run smoothly.
  • Testnet tokens can only be used to run Nosana pipelines, and will convert to vested Mainnet tokens after we launch our mainnet product.

Join Our Incentivized Testnet

Phase 2

Nosana Testnet For Users

  • Once projects are successfully running pipelines in the Testnet we’ll expand the program for users to become a node.
  • Lend out spare CPU from your devices to power pipelines and you'll earn free tokens.
  • Token rewards are calculated based on pipeline seconds and resource capacity.
  • These tokens can only be used to run Nosana pipelines in TestNet, and cannot be traded till our mainnet product is launched.

User Testnet Registration