Private Beta

Open for selected Solana Projects.

The private beta is intended to rigorously test Nosana's platform, before releasing our beta to the public. We select a limited amount of projects during the first phase.

Selected projects can use the beta product for free by running their pipelines on verified nodes within our Community Market.

The private and open Beta will be available for projects first. After extended testing, the platform will open steadily for nodes.

Phase 1

Private Beta

  • Open-source software projects can use Nosana’s engine to run CI jobs for free.
  • Projects can securely store their secrets to a Secret Manager (hosted for free by Nosana, or you can host your own) and specify per job which secrets the node running the job can retrieve.
  • The beta program runs on verified nodes, to make sure your tests run smoothly.

Get Started

Phase 2

Public Beta

  • Expected 1st of November 2023
  • Once selected projects are successfully running pipelines in our beta we’ll open the App to all projects.
Phase 3

Mainnet Release