The Nosana Incentivized Testnet program

The Testnet program is intended to rigorously test Nosana's platform, before going to Mainnet. We need the community's help to make our testphase as successful as possible.

Projects are now able to join our Incentivized Testnet.

We’re giving away $NOS tokens to all active participants of the Testnet Program. We have now specified the amount of tokens that projects can earn below.

Testnet access is now available for selected projects. After extended testing, the platform will open for a selection of pre-registered users.

Phase 1

Nosana Testnet for projects

  • Open-source software projects are Incentivized based on their Nosana network usage. In other words, you will receive tokens for running free pipelines.
  • Selected projects will automatically receive 500 $NOS tokens for onboarding our Testnet. You can earn up to 10.000 $NOS tokens by testing code with our Network.
  • Our pipelines will support basic ESLint checks. More features and supported languages will be added, development will be based on community feedback. Make sure to follow our Discord.
  • We will begin the testnet with certified nodes, to make sure your tests run smoothly.
  • Testnet tokens can only be used to run Nosana pipelines, and will convert to vested Mainnet tokens after we launch our mainnet product.

Join Incentivized Testnet

Phase 2

Nosana Testnet for users

  • Once projects are successfully running pipelines in the Testnet we’ll expand the program for users to become a node.
  • Lend out spare CPU from your devices to power pipelines and you'll earn free tokens.
  • Token rewards are calculated based on pipeline seconds and resource capacity.
  • These tokens can only be used to run Nosana pipelines in TestNet, and cannot be traded till our mainnet product is launched.

Pre-register users