Flexibility to use any execution environment

Nosana’s decentralized engine has the compute options you need to support your development, whether you’re building mobile apps or the next decentralized exchange.

Container Support

Need native support for images within containers? We can pull from all public repositories.

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Your secrets are safe

Private repos that upload jobs/pipelines to the Nosana Network may want to share secrets that are required to run their jobs with the Nodes that are performing their jobs. This is now possible with the Nosana Secret Manager. Projects can securely store their secrets in a secret manager (hosted by Nosana or you can host your own) and select which secrets the node conducting the job can retrieve per job.

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Choose your template or start from scratch

With our out-of-the-box CI open-source templates, you can get started in minutes. We are always adding new templates to our flow to help you get started on your build, ranging from Node.js to SPL. You can also built your pipeline from the ground up, if necessary.

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Free community market

If we may say so, our decentralized CI engine is amazing. But don't just take our word for it. Simply put it to the test. With our community market, you can operate your own CI pipelines for free!

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Our decentralized CI engine can be found here.
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Connect your Github account

You’re almost ready to build! Our onboarding flow will guide you through the process of building your first pipeline. Start with approving the Nosana Platform to access your GitHub account, enabling us to install the GitHub app required to run Nosana pipelines.


Choose a template

When you add a pipeline for the first time, a pop-up will appear asking you to let Nosana access your GitHub account.Grant permission and we’ll be able to install the GitHub app necessary to run Nosana pipelines


Start running pipelines!

Add details about your project and make a funding request. Please note we can only host a limited amount of projects on our testnet. And we have to manually approve each project, so bear with us! We’ll email you as soon as we’ve approved your request. Until then, its status will be ‘pending’.