Fast and secure smart contract deployment with multisig

As a developer working on the Solana blockchain, you know how important it is to ensure the security of your code during the deployment process. That's why we've built multisig support, powered by the Squads protocol, to provide you with a secure and efficient way to manage all smart contract deployments.

Nosana is for Solana devs that have trouble with

Managing the growing complexity and security risks of (re)deploying smart contracts

The lack of reliable and secure deployment solutions in Web3

Cumbersome deployment processes that slow down development

How it works

A pipeline will build your Solana program, run your tests, and deploy it to a buffer, it will then be ready for you on your Squads account to sign the deployment transaction.

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Set it up once

Our multisig support provides an automated extra layer of security for development of work that you do on any smart contract. You only have to set up your multisig pipeline once and you’re good to go! Saving you valuable time and resources.

Powered by Squads

Our multisig support is built on the Squads protocol, a proven and trusted solution for managing multisig on the Solana blockchain.

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Don't risk the security of your code or waste valuable time and resources on inefficient deployment processes.Try our multisig support today and experience a safer and more efficient way to manage your Solana program development.