The Nosana Token: $NOS

NOS is the native token of the Nosana Network. In exchange for NOS tokens, you can use our network to run CICD for all your development projects.

About $NOS

$NOS is a cryptocurrency that lets you pay within the Nosana marketplace.

Secure payments

$NOS is a completely secure way to pay. Plus, it’s easy to store, transfer, trade and dive.

Pay as you go

Need Nosana resources? Use $NOS to pay as you go. It’s quick and hassle-free.


$NOS is an SPL-compliant digital asset on Solana.

Where to buy
$NOS tokens

Buy $NOS on the following exchange platforms:

Millions of $NOS in orbit

On February 12, 2022, our $NOS private release sold out instantly. Now, there’s 33 million $NOS going around. As we continue to build and grow Nosana, the amount of $NOS will hit 100 million.